Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/18/2024 - 11:16

10.3.4 1 May 2024
- fixed import TRF file

10.3.3 18 April 2024
- fixed BH with PAB set to draw

10.3.2 14 April 2024
- improved "Controllo tesseramento" FSI
- fixed APPO calculations
- fixed export pairing, standings to xls in Windows OS

10.3.0 30 March 2024
- new FIDE tie breack set as default (Baku 2023)
- added option disable FTP
- added new CSS style for local web siste
- fixed few colors in dark mode
- option "Display pairing" moved to output page
- fixed minor bugs
- fixed minor bug related to vegaresult

10.2.0 12 March 2024
- SUI: added import players from the same CSV file made for SwissManager
- SUI: added rating report
- fixed KOYA system for round robin
- fixed the colors of some icons in dark mode
- fixed bug in tiebreak SB_C1
- fixed links in local web site
- added banner for local web site
- the banner can be removed from publication (useful for framed site)

10.1.0 28 February 2023
- fixed TRF import
- DZW: there is no need to convert spieler.csv to UTF8
- fixed minor bug
- added show event button in event manager
- added address field in event manager
- fixed bug with assigned board
- FSI: fixed bug in standingC18.txt in case of round robin and odd number of players
- FSI: new players without Elo set to 1399
- fixed bug with Koya score
- local web site has now has three CSS style
- user manual updated

10.0.0 23 January 2023
- Added split tournament by Origin to produce many tournaments from a single file
- added arbiter panel
- improved the administration of FIDE certificates for arbiters
- possibility to hide the withdrawn player from printed pairings and standings
- website upgraded to bootstrap 5
- file renamed from html to php (script) to allow further development.
- For security reason the site will be visible when moved on the site of the organizer.
  The transfer in made with the internal ftp client of Vega.
- Possibility of commercial license for the organizer that needs to remove the credits
- updated message translation for FSI
- improved support for info64 server
- fixed bug appearing with deleted players
- fixed minor bugs
- vegaresult: now publish round robin calendar
- vegaresult: now show pgn games
- added tiebreak Sonneborn-Berger Cut 1
- updated user manual
- fixed bug in bucholz calculation with H_PAB (Italian Federation feature)
- Elo variation calculations (unofficial) based on new FIDE rules
- Transfer PGN games to vegaresult