Vega online insertion

What it is

The success of some tournaments depends by how fast is the process to collect the results and insert them in the computer where is installed the pairing program. Exampe are:

1) blitz tournament with several hundred players;

2) rapid tournament with several hundred players;

3) tournament played in different buildings but administered with the same computer.



Unfortunatly the way currently used to manage these challenging events are not very efficient and a not negligible time delay occurs between the end of a round and the begin of the next one. Sometimes such delay can be very frustrating for the players in that the time interval between two round is not determined.

The new online service help the organizator and/or the arbitral team to run a big tournament in a very efficient way reducing or eliminating the unwanted time delay between rounds.

How it works

The solution takes advantange of the available technology. The insertion procedure is moved from the the only arbiter behind the pairing program to several arbiters that register the results in real time via an online procedure. Each arbiter enter the results of his area in precise and accurate way when they are available.

The tool used to insert the results can be any device able to run a web browser and connected to internet in wireless. This means all current smartphones, tablets, PCs, laptops can be used and no additional cost should be sustaneid by the organizator. The inserted results are saved on the server running the vegablitz service, the so called cloud.



Each arbiter will check only the results he has inserted. When all results have been inserted, the pairing officer will download them in Vega with one click and a new pairing can be done without delay!




It can be used only for blitz or rapid tournament?

Of course not!

Sometimes a tournament has several sections distributed in different buildings. In this case can be very useful to have a parallel insertion of the results. The pairing officer can download them as they are available and publish them immediately.

Thanks to this service the pairing officer can operate in a place very far from that of the tournament and manage all the aspect of the tournament remotely.

Moreover in some blitz/rapid tournament there is only one arbiter. He must be behind the computer but even around the table while the round is played. In this case would be useful to insert the result at the table where he get the result. Then back at the computer he can download the results and generate a new pairing in no time. When this service is offered and the time delay is cut drastically the number of rounds can be increased.