List of recent modifications.

If you want to support the development cost of these softwares please refer to the Registration page.

It has been reported that sometimes the browsers Edge, Chrome and Safari could block the download of exe file and so of Vega. This depends of the internal setting of your browser or antivirus and not by this site.
With the Firefox browser the problem does not exists.

For Chrome, just right click the link and do a Save As. Then just confirm Keep it in the Downloads drop down.

On some Windows machine Vega cannot run and signal the missing of MSVCP140.dll library. To fix the issue please download the missing library from the Microsoft site.

In order to run the pairing engine JaVaFo ( (c) IA Roberto Ricca) the user needs to install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at least version 7. If you do not intend to use JaVaFo the JRE is not necessary.

Each version comes as freeware with online services and some feature disabled. The registered users will unlock the potentiality of the program according to the license. However not essential online service could still be offered for an additional fee. Please have a look at the user manual and the Registration page for further details.


Supported Windows 7 and higher. 

Vega+VegaTeam 64 bit (requires Java 64 bit) Free up to 20 players

Vega+VegaTeam 32 bit (requires Java 32 bit) Free up to 20 players

Orion 64 bit (requires Java 64 bit) Free up to 6 Teams

Mac OS X

developed and tested on Mojave and reported to work on Catalina, Big Sur and Monterey with both intel and Mx chip (not tested on previous version). Install the whole Java JDK to use the pairing engine javafo.

Vega Free up to 20 players

VegaTeam Free up to 6 teams

Orion Free up to 6 Teams


The Linux version has no limitations in number of rounds or players and is FREE. It is free to allow passionate chess players around the world and in financial difficulty to run chess events with an endorsed FIDE program. If you use this version for a different reason please consider applying for a license to support the development costs.

The Linux version CANNOT be used under an emulator running in Windows/MacOS.

Tested and developed with Lubuntu 22.04 LTS (others distro may require the installation of additional libraries and I cannot offer support in case it does not run). Please verify how run the software on your Linux distro before to ask a registration key.

Vega+VegaTeam  64 bit (requires Java 64 bit)

Orion 64 bit (requires Java 64 bit)  (free up 6 teams)

Raspberry (experimental)

Tested and developed with a Raspberry Pi 4 and Raspbian. Please report any issue.

Vega8+VegaTeam  64 bit (requires Java 64 bit) (freeware, but the access to the VegaResult site require a license)

User Manual



  • Documents  (contains the user manual in English and two test tournaments)