Vega Major Upgrade 8.6.0

8.6.0  8 May 2023

- added telegram channel in section definition
- fixed DZW bug
- show field "Index" for DZW (German federation)
- fixed pairing sort
- improved manual pairing panel
- improved "controllo tesseramento" for Italian federation
- improved download fron vegaresult site
- improved support for Italian federation
- modified the look of the round manager page
- added qr code to vegaresults
- several text files rarely used are no longer saved in the tournament folder.
  Other files no longer necessary will be removed in future.
- better integration with the Vegaresult site
- Vesus service no longer supported
- player status panel shows only absent players


- I hope to see published some official documents by a FIDE commission that shows how to apply the new tie-breaks. If this document will not appear the new tie-breaks cannot be implemented in Vega/Orion. However the new FIDE tie-breaks should be applied only in specific FIDE event and my users will be not affected by this delay.

- The number of files saved in the tournament folder will be drastically reduced;

- The VEGX file will change format in favor of a binary format of reduced size (old format can be read again).