What is it?

This is the home page of a set of three softwares, Vega, VegaTeam and Orion, released since 2003 and able to administer any chess tournament (individual or for teams). Now they are very popular and appreciated worldwide among arbiters. Their strength lies in ease of use and flexibility. All of them run under Linux, Windows, Mac OS X and Raspberry PI thanks to an advanced crossplatform library.

They have been organized in order to reproduce the arbiter’s tasks during a tournament which include:

1. Registration of the players;
2. Perform the pairing of next round;
3. Insert the results of the current round;
4. Prepare the cross table and other ranking lists.

The programs has been designed by its author, an International Arbiter, to be very intuitive and easy to use. If you are an arbiter with a little experience in chess pairing program you should be able to use it without reading the user manual.

These softwares are continously updated. You can download and test them freely. For a limited number of players or teams they do not require a registration and you can run the tournament till the end with all the option enabled! For Linux and Raspberry there is a freeware version!

User comment

"What I really like is that your program enforces the rules for pairings but allows you to override them when necessary. You are pretty much able to duplicate real world tournament problems with this software."

Steve Coladonato (USA)