Orion 1.5.0 Major upgrade

1.5.0 22 September 2023
- fixed several minor bugs
- updated Olympiad swiss system
- extended the way to calculate the average rating of each team
- fixed crosstable when points are game points
- check presence of "bad character" in email field
- added new functions for Italian federation
- added rating update for VEG (csv) archive based on national ID code
- added new protocol for info64.org server
- new optimised .vgt file for better integration with vegaresult site. Old file from version 1.4.x of *completed tournaments* can be still imported and processed.  (do not use this version to finish a tournament started with version 1.4.x)
- temporarely removed experimental import from vegateam file (a new standalone executable is planned to replace such option as soon as possible to create multiple working vgt files at once)
- temporarely dropped support for import team from Excel file in Windows version (bug in the import library). Trying to introduce a new crossplatform library working for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
- disabled WWW site for unregistered user

[edit 23 sep 2023] New user manual updated

[EN] A major update is ready. There are several fixes and some very important news. However the most important things are not visible because this version is a step toward the next release that will implement the new
FIDE tie breacks in the next months. Please be patient!



[IT] Un importante aggiornamento è pronto. Sono presenti diverse correzioni ed alcune novità di rilievo. Le cose più importanti però non sono visibili perché questa versione è un passo verso la prossima release che implementerà i nuovi spareggi della FIDE nei prossimi mesi. Abbiate pazienza!