Vega Major Upgrade 8.5.0


the long waited 8.5.0 is ready.

Now there are all the FIDE Swiss pairing systems. Three of them offered by the latest jafafo engine ( (c) IA Roberto Ricca).

Some buttons have been moved to make easier the integration with the site Vegaresult. In some place the interface has been cleaned because some old pairing system has been dropped.

The experienced arbiter can generate manually the norm certificate selecting which game exclude and which rating to rise at the threshold level.

Added a new way to calculate the Direct Encounter (DE2). The previous way (still present, DE1) required that all tied players should face each others. The new way, is some cases, is able to generate a standings even if some game is missing. For exaple: A, B e C are tied. A-B=1-0 , A-C=1-0 but B and C did not play each other. It seems correct to give A two points and B and C zero points.
However this new way may give controversial results in more complicated case and if one apply it recursively. Because we have no experience on this new system I left the good old way in its place for more conservator arbiter/organizator that do not wants troubbles just at the end of the tournament!

The user manual has been updated too.

Moreover a new service connected with vegaresult is planned to appear soon.

Stay tuned!



8.5.0  December 2022
- fixed counting titled holder in norm generation
- fixed minor bug
- added min ARO for norm calculations
- added new FIDE swiss systems
- added full manual IT1 certificate generation
- added new Direct Encounter tie-break calculated even in case of missing game among players
- user manual updated