Orion 1.0 version is ready

After 6 years of hard work and tests, Orion has been Released!

It is very flexible and powerfull to administer a chess event like the Olympiad.

Here are some features:

  • Registration of up to 1000 Teams and a max of 30 players for each team. Evaluation up 20 rounds for the Swiss system;
  • Automatic and semi-automatic pairing according to:
    Swiss FIDE Dutch,
    Swiss USCF,
    Olympiad system,
    ECU system,
    single and double Round Robin.
  • Manual pairing.
  • Evaluation of results (1-0, 1/2, 0-1, 0-0, forfeited, adjourned games, etc...).
  • Facility to change data (results, names, ratings etc.).
  • Import players from any formatted database.
  • Management of withdrawals and re-entries of teams.
  • Output of pairing lists, reports, cross-tables, lists of players standing, etc…
  • Generates web content of the tournament results.

Please download the program and its user manual. The program can be freely used up to 8 teams.

Of course there are versions fo Linux, Windows and Mac OS X!