Vega 8.2.0 upgrade

From 10 to 14 September 2019 I was in Salobrena, Spain, for the WORLD YOUTH RAPID AND BLITZ CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS ( There I worked with AI Javier Perez Llera as pairing officer and of course we used Vega.

It was necessary to produce special reports and print pairings and standings as fast as possible and publish them online. The whole arbitral team was excellent and everything was OK without delay and/or problems.

I was very lucky to work together Javier. He has a tremendous experience and gave me so many interesting suggestions that would keep me working up version 10. The following upgrade is just a little taste of the feedback I received and learned from this experience. Please download even the user manual.

8.2.0  18 September 2019
- modified file standingC18.txt for Italian federation
- added IT3 file inclusive of all tournaments of a festival (to get statistics of all tournaments at once)
- added option players statistics for festival (details regarding the player distribution in each tournament)
- fixed bug with player joining the tournament very late
- some menu items were moved in other position and/or renamed
- printed standings has same format of HTML page
- The player pairing number is now indicated with "N" instead of "ID" to avoid confusion
  with National or FIDE ID
- improved the performance calculator
- print several documents at once with one click to the default printer