For info regarding the possibility to support the development of these softwares please refer to the Registration page.

In order to run the pairing engine JaVaFo ( (c) IA Roberto Ricca) the user needs to install a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) at least version 7.

Please have a look at the new version able to publish your tournament for free on the site


It is NOT permitted to run the Linux version with an emulator/virtual machine running in Windows or Mac OS.

Tested and developed with Lubuntu 18.04 (others distro may require the installation of additional libraries). Please verify how run the software on your Linux distro before to ask a registration key.

Vega8+VegaTeam  32 bit (requires Java 32 bit) (freeware)

Vega8+VegaTeam  64 bit (requires Java 64 bit) (freeware)

Orion 64 bit (requires Java 64 bit)  (free up 8 teams)

Mac OS X

Tested on Mojave (not tested on previous version). install the whole Java JDK to use the pairing engine javafo. (Free up to 30 players)

Vega Free up to 30 players

VegaTeam Free up to 30 players

Orion Free up to 8 Teams


Supported Windows 7 and higher. 

Vega8+VegaTeam 32 bit (requires Java 32 bit) Free up to 30 players

Vega8+VegaTeam 64 bit (requires Java 64 bit) Free up to 30 players

Orion 32 bit (requires Java 32 bit) Free up to 8 Teams

Orion 64 bit (requires Java 64 bit) Free up to 8 Teams

User Manual



  • Documents  (contains the user manual in English and two test tournaments)