Please send any comments and report bug to the author:


Your feedback will be precious for the future development of the program. The Linux version is freeware (Vega born under Linux thanks to many freeware tools).

Vega has been translated in English, Italian, French, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese and German. There is an old  Russian translation that need to be updated. If you want to contribute you are welcome.


The window version of Vega (individual and team tournament) to administer more than 30 players needs a registration code to support the development cost. The registration code comes in a file that will remove the splash screen at the start of the program. Vega that you can download from this site is full functional although only for evaluation purpose, i.e. not to be used in real tournaments with more than 30 players.


The registered user obtains:
- upgrade with no additional cost;
- a greater attention in the reported bugs and problems.

Please contact the author for further instructions.


operative system
Vega + VegaTeam


Vega + VegaTeam
50 €