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Vega has got the FIDE Interim Endorsement Certificates.

Since its first version Vega has been thought for the FIDE arbiters.


The current Windows version can be freely used for tournaments up to 30 players. For greater tournament it is required a license fee to support the development cost.

The Linux version is Free of charge.


Vega 32 bit version needs JAVA runtime 32 bit to work properly with pairing engine JaVaFo.

Moreover JAVA should be at least version 7.



Vega+VegaTeam  32 bit


Vega+VegaTeam  64 bit


Vega+VegaTeam 32 bit (Free up to 30 players)


Vega+VegaTeam 64 bit (Free up to 30 players)

User Manual (PDF)

User Manual (English) 


User Manual (Italian)


User Manual (Spanish) for FEDA Arbiters.

FIDE player database FIDE

Download Orion for team tournament

Orion is a new program to administer Team tournament.

It is very powerful and able to run a tournament as big as the Olympiad.

It is currently in beta release. You can download and test it here. Just unrar the archive where you want and run Orion.exe.


Download the previous version

The previous version, 7.6.8, cannot read the files generated by the version 8.0.0 or superior.

However it can run the Amalfi Swiss System not yet implemented in the version 8. Moreover it must be used in case the user want to process old VEG files generated by Vega version 7.



Vega+VegaTeam 7.6.8  32 bit


Vega+VegaTeam 7.6.8   64 bit


Vega+VegaTeam 7.6.8 32 bit (Free up to 30 players)

alligned with current FIDE rules

User Manual (PDF)

User Manual (English) 


User Manual (Italian)


User Manual (Spanish) for FEDA Arbiters and updated.     


User Manual (Spanish)


How to create badge for player (Italian)