Chess Tournament Administration Program

Vega is a chess tournament administration program.
It has been organized in order to reproduce the arbiter’s tasks during a tournament which include:

1. Registration of the players;
2. Perform the pairing of next round;
3. Insert the results of the current round;
4. Prepare the cross table and other ranking lists.

Vega has been designed by its author, a FIDE Arbiter, to be very intuitive and easy to use. If you are an arbiter with a little experience in chess pairing program you should be able to use it without reading the user manual.

Vega is continously updated. It uses the approach WYSIWYC (What You See Is What You Can) so you do not have to fight with menu, buttons and hidden options.


Vega has a number of unique features that make it the natural choice for the professional chess arbiter:

- it is the only program able to run under Linux (freeware) and Windows thanks to an advanced crossplatform library;

- it has been endorsed two times by FIDE (Dubov system in Torino 2006, Dutch system in Istanbul 2012). The Dutch system is provided by the pairing engine JaVaFo made by the International Arbiter Roberto Ricca. Currently JaVaFo is the state of art of the Dutch system and you can use it in Vega for FREE!

- it has all FIDE swiss systems for individual tournament;

- Vega has the lowest registration cost among similar programs with no upgrade cost.


Vega has been officially adopted by New Zealand Chess Federation (NZCF), Australian Chess Federation (ACF) and Spanish Chess Federation (FEDA). In particular it is fully integrated with the FEDA site that publish all tournaments played in Spain.


Further Features of Vega:

  • Registration up to 1200 players and evaluation of 23 rounds for swiss system;
  • Round Robin system up to 24 players;
  • Automatic pairing due to all FIDE swiss system (Dubov, Lim and Dutch variant, Burstein), Swiss based on Buchholz (Vega), swiss USCF, single and double Round Robin;
  • Manual pairing;
  • Taking care of odd numbers of players;
  • Evaluation of results (1-0, 1/2, 0-1, 0-0, etc...) and non standard results (0-1/2, etc...);
  • Administration of the cross-table;
  • Possibility of changing data (results, names, ratings etc.);
  • Taking care of withdrawals and re-entries;
  • Entry of players arriving late during the tournament;
  • Output of pairing lists, reports, cross-tables, lists of players standing, etc...;
  • Elegant tournament web site generation and its FTP to your own site;
  • Rating report to FIDE, USCF (3 dbf files), ECF, DZW, NZCF, FEDA, ...
  • Import data from any formatted (fixed lenght) database (i.e. FIDE) and CSV file as well;
  • Non standard score: 0-1-3, 0-2-5, 3-2-1-0;
  • Special module to improve the colors after the natural pairing;
  • Accelerated rounds up to 3 groups;
  • prize distribution with Hort system;
  • Export an entire tournament with players in a given range;
  • move a given player in another tournament;
  • search FIDE norm and print certificate;

Vega that you can download from this site is full functional and can be freely used to administer tournament with not more than 30 players. To run large tournament please contact the author.

User comment

"What I really like is that your program enforces the rules for pairings but allows you to override them when necessary. You are pretty much able to duplicate real world tournament problems with this software."

Steve Coladonato (USA)