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5 Festival Riviera dei Cedri
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Tournament summary
Tournament Name 5 Festival Riviera dei Cedri
Place Sangineto
Federation ITA
Date Begin 06/09/2010
Date End 12/09/2010
Arbiter(s) AF D'Alessandro Flavio
Play System swiss FIDE (Lim)
Rounds 9
Score game 0-0.5-1
Tie break ARO BucT Buc1
Registered Players 44
Number of Federations 7
Average Rating (all) 2066
Average Rating (only FIDE rated) 2069
Players from ITA Federation 25
Players NOT from ITA Federation 19
FIDE rated players 43
unrated players 1
unrated players from ITA Federation 0
unrated players NOT from ITA Federation 1
unrated Federations 1
FIDE titled players 7
GM players 0
WGM players 0
IM players 2
WIM players 0
FM players 4
WFM players 1
FIDE titled player from ITA Federation 0
FIDE titled player NOT from ITA Federation 7

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